Our TEAM Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday, June 14 from 5:45 to 7:30pm at the University of Winnipeg in room 1M30. One of the items on our agenda is whether to change the name of our organization from TEAM to TESL Manitoba. If you would like to vote on this change you will need to be in attendance at the meeting, with an active membership.

TEAM Annual General Meeting Agenda

5:45pm                 Refreshments and Registration

6:05pm                 President’s Welcome and Board Introductions

6:10pm                 President’s Report

6:15pm                 Finance Committee’s Report

6:25pm                 Name Change: TEAM to TESL Manitoba

6:30pm                 2019-2020 Board & Conference Committee

Thank-You to Outgoing Members

6:45pm                 Awards Presentation

7:15pm                 Other Business

7:30pm                 Adjournment

TEAM AGM – June 14, 2019