Who are we?

TESL MB (formerly known as Teachers of EAL to Adults in Manitoba, or TEAM) is a professional organization that supports ESL/EAL teachers in Manitoba.

Our History

TESL MB is presently in the process of changing names. Our organization was formerly known as Teachers of EAL to Adults in Manitoba, or TEAM, but following our 2019 AGM, it was decided that we would transition to the name TESL MB to be more in keeping with our sister organizations in other provinces.
Our organization was created as a sister organization to TEAL Manitoba in 1990. TEAL Manitoba had long existed as an affiliate of the provincial public school teachers association and as a result, often did not reflect the needs of teachers who were not teaching in public schools or programs affiliated with the public school system. Due to this, it was felt that a separate organization would best meet these teachers’ needs and professional interests.

Our Mission Statement

Our objectives are twofold:
  • To represent and express the concerns and professional needs of adult ESL/EAL educators.
  • To promote and improve programs and services for adult ESL/EAL learners through community input, advocacy, and professional development.