Members are notified on our social media accounts and by e-mail of nomination deadlines and procedures. Please note that in order to nominate, at least one nominator must be a TEAM member in good standing. Nominees do not have to be TEAM members.

Margaret Pidlaski Scholarship -$1000

The Margaret Pidlaski Scholarship is an award given to a Manitoba ESL student who has demonstrated commitment, perseverance, and aptitude for learning, has a defined education and career path and has a financial need (as defined by Manitoba Student Aid) that may interfere with achieving his/her academic or career goals.

Learners can nominate themselves or may be nominated by Manitoba ESL service providers. Learners, teachers, volunteers and community organization employees must have been active in their roles during the relevant school year (any time between September and August) to qualify for nomination. Nominators cannot be immediate family members of their nominees (e.g., sibling, child, grandchild, spouse, or parent).

When the student self-nominates, he/she must provide a letter of support from an ESL service provider who has taught the individual personally in a Manitoba ESL program. The letter of support should demonstrate the nominee’s perseverance, commitment and aptitude for learning. The letter of support should be in PDF format and include the name and e-mail address of the writer. The letter should be mailed directly to TEAM at and should include the nominee’s name in the subject line.

Preference will be given to nominators and nominees who are TEAM members, but this is not a requirement for nomination. Each nominator must fill out one form per nominee.

Before the scholarships are awarded, the candidates will be asked to submit financial documents that verify family income. Documents could include tax returns or pay stubs. The information will be handled confidentially and then destroyed once a decision is made. PDF’s or images of the tax returns or pay stubs may be e-mailed to

Up to 2 scholarships will be awarded per school year.

2018: nominations, letters of support an financial information are due by April 15th, 018. Winners and nominators will be notified by April 30th. Winners will be announced on May 19th and the award will be mailed before September 1st. The successful candidate(s) will be asked to write a letter of acceptance to be published on the TEAM newsletter or website. Also, award recipients will be asked to write a letter to the Friends of Margaret Pidlaski Committee outlining progress made toward their defined goals. This letter should be provided by June 30th, 3019.

The nomination form for the Margaret Pidlaski Scholarship can be accessed here.

TEAM Awards

Do you know a fantastic student, an inspiring teacher, or a deserving volunteer? Wouldn’t it be nice to honour them with an award for their dedication and perseverance? Show them that their efforts are worthy of praise and are noticed by others.

The nomination form for all TEAM Awards except the Margaret Pidlaski Scholarship is here.

Immigrant Learner Award – $250

Presented to a current EAL learner with permanent resident or refugee status in recognition of her/his perseverance in learning.


  • Has made an effort to use English inside and outside the EAL classroom, transferring learned language skills whenever and wherever possible
  • Has met the English language objectives for the level of study
  • Has demonstrated a commitment to learning through attendance, participation, attitude, and self-direction
  • Has demonstrated a willingness to work with others, either in small groups or as part of the whole class
  • A letter of recommendation with a brief description of the program, a brief outline of the nominee’s merits, goals, and successes, and personal information

Teacher Award – $250

A one-time award offered to and Adult EAL teacher, in recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of adult EAL through service to the community.


  • Has demonstrated commitment to service at an Adult EAL program in Manitoba
  • Has demonstrated excellence in teaching English as n additional language
  • Has extended own learning and teaching practices through professional development opportunities and other formal and informal learning opportunities

International Learner Award – $250

Presented to a current international student (student visa holder) in Manitoba in recognition of his/her perseverance in learning.


  • Attendance at an adult EAL program in Manitoba
  • Excellence in acquiring English as an additional language
  • Acceptance at a recognized institution in Manitoba
  • Description of the length, cost, and scope of the intended program of study
  • Letter of reference from a former adult EAL instructor
  • Outline of academic goals

EAL Volunteer Award – $250

Presented in recognition of excellence in and dedication to volunteering in the field of EAL for adults in Manitoba.


  • Commitment of unpaid personal time and energy to assisting EAL learners
  • Promotion of EAL learner success in the classroom and/or in the larger surrounding community
  • Flexibility in assisting with a variety of activities that benefit EAL learners
  • Sensitivity to cultural differences and variety of learning styles among EAL learners