Board Meetings

The TEAM Executive Board meets monthly, typically on Friday evenings. Members are welcome and encouraged to come and participate in the discussions. At board meetings, each committee meets, debriefs, and plans for the near and distant future of our organization. Meetings are held on the second or third Friday of every month at various locations in Winnipeg. It is also possible to attend meetings electronically, but please give us some advance notice if you desire to do so. To find out when and where the next board meeting is, look at our schedule of events on the front page.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

TEAM’s AGM is held every June after the conference. It is at this time that board members are nominated and elected, and committees report on yearly activities. Attendance is open to all members although only elected board members are able to vote. Members are notified of the AGM by e-mail. You may also find this information on our schedule of events on the front page.