TEAM hosts and shares a variety of PD opportunities throughout the year. Many of these events are free of charge for members.


TEAM usually hosts a one-day conference for the adult ESL community. Among the attendees are teachers, volunteers, administrators, and publishers. The day typically includes professional development opportunities such as workshops, breakout sessions, presentations, panels, and awards.


Would you like an opportunity to talk to your fellow educators? Every educator has been to a conference or PD session where they didn’t have enough time to talk things through or get to know each other. We all have brilliant ideas, great project plans, amazing exercises or even just great questions that we never have chance to talk about with our fellow educators. unConferences provide that chance! There is no keynote, no plenary, no presenters – WE are the presenters! All content will be attendee-generated! Network with like-minded educators in the same field and focus areas. Share your ideas and ask questions about what others have to say. Talk to others with the same questions and concerns. The possibilities are endless!

TEAM Talks

Sporadically, TEAM hosts presentations by featured speakers. Topics and times are geared toward members.


TEAM Tips features webinars, articles, activities and more to inspire and extend your teaching practice.