Upcoming & Recorded Webinars

Pearson ELT Webinar Series This professional development webinar series features eight webinars on a variety of topics including critical thinking, academic success, real world English and engaging digital natives.


Articles & Websites

Neuroeducation Will Lead to Big Breakthroughs in Learning Raya Bidshahari looks at the interdisciplinary field of Neuroeducation and outlines its key findings and implications for teaching and learning.

Ready for Life This website features mental health resources from leading experts for educators who want to learn about mental health for their students and themselves.


Activities and Teaching Tools

Vocabulary Revision Strategies This article includes 10 effective vocabulary revisions activities that can be used at all levels, which students can later use when revising vocabulary on their own.

Guided Meditation in the English Language Classroom Amy Jenkins looks at the benefits of using meditation in the English language classroom and discusses how she uses guided meditation at the beginning of her classes.  Submitted by Matt Hildebrand / English Language Centre, University of Manitoba

Hypersay This site allows you to upload PowerPoint presentations, share them with your students, and add interactive content in real time to engage the class.  Students no longer need to take pictures of your slides!

Develop Critical Thinking Skills with Kialo Nik Peachy shows how teachers can use Kialo to set up a debatable topic and invite students to add pro & con arguments which can be viewed by the class.

LiveWorksheets Using this site, teachers can upload worksheets that would be normally printed and turn them into interactive online exercises. The site includes a training video and worksheets created by others.

Recording Spoken Feedback on Student Writing This post from Cambridge’s ‘The Digital Teacher’ includes short training videos as well as a lesson plan for giving spoken feedback on student writing.

Fluid Data This easy-to-use audio corpus can be utilized by teachers and students to investigate the lexical use of words and phrases as well as variations in pronunciation.