Upcoming and Recorded Webinars


IAFEFL Online 2018 At this site, you have access to over 20 recorded sessions from the April 2018 IATEFL Conference in Brighton, England. Session topics include overcoming obstacles in English assessment, collocations in vocabulary teaching, authentic listening at low levels, pronunciation drills, writing smarter sentences and more.

Articles and Blog Posts

Creating a reading environment: Using readers in the classroom with adults This blog post by Oxford University Press looks at a variety of strategies to encourage adult students to read.

Laptops and phones in the classroom: Yea, nay or a third way? In this article, Anya Kamenetz explores a variety perspectives on technology use in the classroom through discussions with four professors, a high school teacher, a psychiatrist and a technologist.

Using Video in ELT This blog post is a summary of the March 28, 2018 #ELTChat on the topic of using videos in ELT. It includes tools for creating your own videos, video resources and two video summaries. For those interested in connecting with ELT professionals online, join the weekly online discussion on Twitter at #ELTChat

Mental Health Resources for Winnipeg This resource guide includes a wealth of mental health resources and advice. It also includes services and resources for newcomers and refugees, which is divided into four sections: health, employment, legal and places.

Activities and Teaching Tools

Explayn Looking for a new way to review vocabulary with your students? This app allows teachers to create their own sets of word cards that students can use in a fun, communicative revision game.

AWL Master This app helps English language learners explore, practice and master words on the Academic Word List. You can ‘explore’ the part of speech, pronunciation, definition, example and collocations of each word. You can ‘practice’ each word and ‘challenge’ yourself to see how many AWL words you have mastered.

Text Helper This is a useful tool for developing vocabulary and generating glossaries. Simply paste your text into the box and words above the level you indicate will be highlighted and defined.

Mahara This web-based ePortfolio system provides users with tools to create and maintain a digital portfolio of their learning and social networking features to allow users to interact with each other.