Allison is from a small Celtic community southeast of Ottawa, ON.  She has been teaching ESL for 8 years and has taught in both Winnipeg and Ottawa. She began teaching ESL when she first lived in Winnipeg from 2010-2012. She has mostly worked with newcomers and refugees. “I already had a love for the English language and wanted to use what I had to help improve the skills and lives of newcomers to Canada.”  This is her second time living in Winnipeg; “as a military family we move when and where they say”.  Allison currently works for Manitoba Institute of Trades & Technology where she has “had the privilege to work on the R.E.D.I project as well as in the full time language program.”

If you could have your students take away one lesson/message from your class, what would it be?

“If my students could take away one lesson or message from my class it would be that learning a new language is exciting, challenging and downright hard but with their own hard work and the help of the instructor they will reach their goals.  Learning anything new is a journey and will have highs and lows but have patience and keep pushing yourself anytime things get easy.”

Who has been a mentor for you as a teacher and why?

“Heather McIntosh has influenced my teaching a great deal and the way I approach classroom planning and management. I was fortunate enough to have Heather not only as an Instructor and Practice supervisor but also a Sponsor teacher.  I constantly think “what would Heather say about this lesson”? I greatly appreciated her Bias for Best approach to marking and I try to implement it every time I am assessing a student’s work.”

What are your goals as a teacher?

“My goals as a teacher are to create opportunities for students to learn and use real life skills in the classroom while sharing new information about Canada and Winnipeg that will help them to succeed in their lives here.  I always try to have lessons that appeal to multiple learning styles so the individual needs are met while the whole group gains required and useful skills and information.”