Allyn is a mother of two, who she says “have made me realize that we are not born with culture, nor are we born with language”. Allyn fell in love with teaching when she went overseas to South Korea on a one-year teaching assignment that turned into four years. Currently, she is working at Enhanced English Skills for Employment (EESE), where she teaches Writing Skills, Speaking Skills, and Listening Skills. Next session, she will be teaching Speaking Clearly, which is pronunciation course, for the first time. In her free time, “if I’m not taxiing my kids to their extracurriculars”, Allyn enjoys baking. Recently, she has taken an interest in baking healthy treats, and “zucchini is my go-to ingredient”.

What is important to you as a teacher?

“As a teacher, mutual respect and understanding is a must. I expect that my students treat my class like the workplace in that they arrive on time and stay till the end of class. If they are unable to attend class, I also expect that they email me in advance.”

What are your goals as a teacher?

“My main goal as a teacher is to encourage students to recognize the importance of Canadian culture. I’m not referring to what we eat and how we dress, but rather to how we communicate – how we make suggestions, interrupt, take initiative, etc.”

Who has been a mentor for you as a teacher and why? (What did you learn from them?)

“My mentor has been and still is Ann, who has taught me the importance of teaching gambits in the classroom to basically get the job done. Prior to meeting Ann, I stressed the importance of grammar in the classroom; however, with Ann’s guidance, I realized that soft skills trump grammar.”