“There’s so much that I enjoy about teaching!  I like that every day is different from the one before and that my days are rarely boring.  But I think one of my favourite aspects is being able to develop positive relationships with my students.  Many of our students come from cultures where the relationship between student and teacher is very formal.  I’ve had students express amazement that we treat all of our students kindly, not just the ones who get good marks.  It’s exciting to me to see students realize for the first time that being in a classroom can be a positive experience, and to see how this increases their motivation to learn.”

After completing her undergraduate degree in TESOL in 2011, Courtney Kliever spent the summer teaching in the Living English program downtown. Since then, she has been working at the University of Manitoba teaching EAP, first with the International College of Manitoba (ICM) and then with the English Language Centre.  She took one year off to do the course work for her M.A TESOL degree and completed her degree in June 2016.