I think what’s really nice about PBLA is that the students can see their progress much more clearly, and on top of that, they really know what kind of feedback to look for. We give formative assessments and summative assessments, and through the formative assessments, they’re really given a chance to see what it is that they need to work on, and it’s so nice to see when they do a summative task, and they’re like, “Right, I remember, I need to be able to focus on these sort of things.” And I think that’s one of the nice things about being in this program, is you can really see you students’ progress, and they can see it as well.”

Ricci Gemetiza is one of the PBLA Lead Instructors at the MB Institute of Trades & Technology (MITT) and has been teaching in the daytime program for almost five years. He has been teaching ESL since January 2010