Upcoming and Recorded Webinars

Using Voice and AOI Assistants for Language Learning In this TeachingEnglish webinar, “Joshua Underwood discusses and demonstrates some opportunities and issues related to using voice-recognition and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support English language learning and teaching, including voice-search, Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.”

On Self-Care: Reflecting, Recharging, and Saying No In this webinar, originally given at the TESOL 2018 Conference, Alicia R. Ambler provides “proven strategies for avoiding teacher burnout by empowering teachers to reflect, recharge, and say no. Ideas for preparing future teachers to balance work-life demands are shared.”

Articles & Blogs

Raising Awareness of Diversity in the Language Classroom Anne Margaret Smith discusses the critical role that teachers play in creating inclusive classrooms and provides activities that teachers can use to build awareness of learner diversity.

Innovation: Creating and Learning in AR, VR Rachelle Dene Poth looks at the benefits of incorporating augmented and virtual reality in the classroom and provides some tools for using AR and VR in your classroom.

Activities and Teaching Tools

YouGlish Looking for a tool that your students can use to improve their pronunciation? Check out this 2-minute video by TEAM board member Sherry Seymour, in which she demonstrates how Youglish can be used to hear how English is spoken by real people in certain contexts.

Immersive Reader Looking for a tool to help struggling readers? Are you wanting to support a reader with dyslexia? Then check out the free Immersive Reader by Microsoft Learning Tools. It includes features that read text out loud, break it into syllables, and increase spacing between lines. It is free, easy to use, and proven to improve reading comprehension.

Padlet This is an easy-to-use collaboration tool for students and teachers which can be used for brainstorming, discussions, projects, feedback and more. For more information and ideas on how to use Padlet in ELT, check out this review by The Digital Teacher and the REALIZE Forum webinar ‘Create and Share Materials Online with Padlet and Skitch’

Phrasal Verb Demon This website includes a variety of tools to learn phrasal verbs, including a phrasal verb dictionary, readings and audio to learn phrasal verbs in context, tests and games.

Review activities – Ideas from Twitter Adj Rajan shares a compilation of review activity posts from twitter. These creative and activities can be adapted for different ages, levels and topics.

8 Dictionary Activities Leo Selivan describes 8 activities that you can use with your students to get them exploring and understanding how to use their learner dictionaries effectively. Lots of great ideas.