Nicole started teaching about 8 yeas ago. At first, she mostly volunteered, and for the last four and half years, she’s been working at Manitoba Institute of Trades & Technology in the evening program. Nicole was born in Winnipeg and loves chocolate “and all things sweet and delicious.” When asked to describe herself, Nicole says, “I make sure that everyone who comes into my presence feels welcomed and cared for. I take great pride in all things that I do and work very hard to accomplish what needs to be done.”

What is important to you as a teacher?

“As a teacher, I believe in meeting students where they are and not judging them on what they are supposed to be doing at this level. I try to create tasks where all students will have some degree of success and feel like they are improving.”

What is a moment you had with a clas that inspired you?

“I find that there are moments of inspiration everywhere and every day. When you listen to a student and hear the improvement in fluency, when you notice that this student’s writing has improved  lot, or when they tell you how much they enjoy your class. These moments inspire me to keep going and to always do my best because it really does make a difference.”

Who has been a mentor for you as a teacher and why?

“I have so many mentors and I’ve taken a little bit of their wisdom and advice with me throughout the years. I remember one teacher; I’m grasping for a name here. Her advice was to make sure that you really have a good foundation in the receptive part of the lesson so that when they get to producing the language, they are successful. I’ve always found this to be helpful, and it has been successful for me.”

What would you be doing if you weren’t a teacher?

“I don’t know. I might have been a florist?”